Sharon (sharon204) wrote in 7th_period,

7th period is sex

holy crap kids.. i don't know if you all saw this, sean posted it as a comment in the last entry but just in case you missed it:   that's the quarry in vermont that we can all go swimming in.


vermont's going to be sweeeeeeeeeet :D

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June 10 2005, 20:59:26 UTC 11 years ago

Yes it will be orgasmic sharon. We will talk about it tonight at kp's. Ohh... and i was talking to annie and she said that she can't make it! (misunderstood when it was) I don;t remember what everyone has said, but what if we left on a little later. I think that Annie and kel would both be able to come then. I think we'd leave of the 10th, is that what you said would be better for you annie? I don't remember sombody saying that they were buisy then. Reply, call, or just talk tonight. Lol, a trip is tough to plan for however many people there are, lol.
See you all tonight , 7th <3, -Sean



June 11 2005, 20:09:47 UTC 11 years ago

Hey guys, its sean again. Ingore my last response that talked about moving the time of the trip. Its still how we first planned, from the 7th to the '10th'. And annie will be drving up the next day. If all of you can respond to this and say if you can go, just so i can get the almost final count, that would be great. g2g, see you . -sean