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hey guys, this is from sean:

You're all invited up to VT as most of you already know. I'm planning that it will be somtime on the second weekend ( the 9th) or third weekend (the 16th) of July. We could even be up there part of the week inbetween; Or leave to go up on a thursday or friday for one of the weekends. I don't know what is best for people with jobs and all, so comment back with your thoughts and availibilities. FYI: My house is in Manchester VT ( about a 3 hour drive). There's enough space for everyone. Don't worry, we wont be bored: -(if you want to take a look girls) , but there's a lot more than shopping. Our house is within walking distance of everything in the town. If you have any question call me or even talk to Sha, she was up there once. Hey, and pretty soon my cell phone number is going to change, it will be 203-733-8062

we seriously HAVE to do this, it will be the most 7th periodgasmic thing ever. let's figure this out!!!
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