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1 year!!!!

<3 happy 1 year anniversary/birthday 7th period!!!!!!!! <3

(ok so today might not be the actual day that 7th period started, but we really have no way of telling when the exact day was and we know it was late march/early april, so today seemed like just as good a day as any, haha)

some awesome quotes from today:

TwIsTeRn22: i love 7th period
TwIsTeRn22: sooo fucking much

riverofdreams204: ah i just downloaded an acoustic version of everlong!!
seanpianoman: :-D
riverofdreams204: it's so good and it reminds me of 7th period
riverofdreams204: ah i love 7th period so much!!!
seanpianoman: ME TOO. Tis the season
seanpianoman: of 7th period
riverofdreams204: i know!!

seanpianoman: It's like we so became a family in like 3 months
riverofdreams204: omg it's so true
riverofdreams204: we really are a family
seanpianoman: It's like my life is only compleat when we are all together

PastTheFalls86: i want to have sex with 7th period now
PastTheFalls86: i miss the hippie circles

riverofdreams204: sex, drugs, and rock and roll
riverofdreams204: all you really need
PastTheFalls86: :-)
PastTheFalls86: i bet all of 7th period is sexually talented
PastTheFalls86: it just goes with the nature of the group
PastTheFalls86: i mean we are good at drugs, we are good at music, so really there is only one thing left
riverofdreams204: you're so right
riverofdreams204: wow we're all completely amazing
riverofdreams204: i love us
riverofdreams204: lol
PastTheFalls86: lol
PastTheFalls86: wow sharon i love us too
riverofdreams204: haha we're just too amazing
PastTheFalls86: o i know

<3 i love you guys!!!!!!! <3
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